MyPCBackup review

Did you know it is almost impossible to recover corrupt data in the event of a hard drive crash. It is certainly impossible to recover data in instances of fire or theft. Backup software is becoming a necessity for all PC and laptop users. Find out more about online backup with this review of MyPC Backup.

Warning: All Hard Drives WILL Crash in Their Lifetime.

Online Backup:

In this review I shall be reviewing MyPC Backup, an automated online computer backup and sync provider. I have been using MyPC Backup for 6 months now and I feel qualified to give my opinion on this product. I have used other backup providers in the past, namely Carbonite and Mozy, but i have to say that the wealth of features MyPC backup offers ranks it higher than the other two, more established competitors.

Whilst the large companies named above have seemingly dominated the backup industry for years it is time for a fresh new company to come and put the cat amongst the pigeons and offer superior products, features, prices and customer service.

Most consumers looking to purchase online backup generally look for these features:

–          Automatic Backup
–          Affordable Payment Plans
–          Easy File Restore
–          File Sync Between Computers

These four requirements rule out more companies than you would think, a quick review shows established names like Dropbox don’t offer automatic backup and Mozy/Carbonite/Backblaze don’t offer file sync between multiple computers. Sugarsync offers most of these features but at a premium, payment plans are very expensive. This is why I consider MyPC Backup to be the obvious and smart choice for computer backup, irrespective of user experience.

You can get a 14 day free trial by going to the website HERE

MyPC Backup Review:


Pricing and Space:

The free 14 day trial on offer from MyPC Backup allows you ample time to test the product and service comprehensively. I was convinced in the first couple of days, so i signed up to the MyPC Backup unlimited plan right away.

MyPC Backup offers two plans with various payment terms. The two plans are named ‘Home’ and ‘Unlimited’ the Home plan offers 10Gb of storage and file sync capabilities from 4.95 a month. This is good value considering you get the file option as well however MyPC Backup remains one of the few companies left that offer true UNLIMITED space in their aptly named ‘Unlimited’ plan. The Unlimited plan offers UNLIMITED space and file sync capabilities all for ONLY 7.95 a month!! The best bit though is that MyPC backup is the ONLY Company in the backup industry offering an ANYTIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. This is truly unbeatable value. Sign up to one of these great plans today at MyPCBackup
Security and Encryption:

Most online backup providers only offer 128 bit SSL encryption, however MyPC Backup have gone the extra mile and offer 256 bit AES connection as standard on all subscription plans. I like that they haven’t just gone with the industry standard and are doing their upmost to protect their customers.

Web Access:

The online control panel for registered users is extremely comprehensive. There are options to view backed up/synced computer files, add account upgrades, view previous file versions, see how much space you have used and earn yourself free space by referring a friend.

How MyPC Backup Works:

Signing up to MyPC Backup couldn’t be easier, simply visit MyPCBackup and click on the sign up tab in the navigation bar. After entering your email and choosing a password you immediately have an account created. It is then an incredibly quick download of the software application.

Once you have downloaded the software you will be greeted by the setup wizard which will register your computer to your account as well helping you configure backups, this will only take 1-2 mins. Once the setup is complete you no longer have to worry about backing your computer files as the program automatically backs up any changes to your files. You can view how many files you have backed up at anytime by opening the desktop application or by logging in to the online control panel.

Now the real reason you need a computer backup program is to recover any data you may lose in the event of an accident or a disaster. Thankfully with MyPC Backup there are two options for restoring lost files, you can either use the desktop application or the online control panel. Both options only take a couple of clicks, you can select exactly which files you want to restore and exactly where you want them restored to.
Sync Folder:

This is the feature that really sets MyPC Backup apart from most backup providers. Syncing files between computers happens in two easy steps. First you need to download the software onto the computer you wish to sync to (this is free!), then drag and drop any file you wish into your sync folder, located either in my documents or the shortcut on the desktop.

Customer Support Review:

Thankfully this is something I have only had to use once due to the software being so easy to use and bug free. The customer support team seems super helpful and I received a response from them really quickly to help resolve my issue.

I hope you enjoyed my MyPC Backup review. As you can tell i wholeheartedly recommend MyPC Backup to any computer user. You don’t know how valuable your computer files are until you lose them, don’t take the risk. Backup your computer with MyPC Backup today.